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About The Practice

We are a caring team that delivers more than your usual primary care. We work with our patients to guide them in the direction of a truly healthy life. Many health problems are consequences of our busy lifestyle, food choices, stressors, environment, and genetic make-up.  At Velez Family Practice, it is our goal to help our patients identify these factors and find ways to modify them. We will work together to improve your overall personal health while preventing future health problems.

We want to get to know you and your family, so we have extended appointments including Saturdays.

We provide these services with integrative approach:

• Ages 5 and up
• Routine Physicals
• Preventative Care
• Chronic Disease Management
• Weight Loss Counseling
• Family Planning
• In-House Laboratories

Procedures Such as:

• Pap Smears
• Skin Biopsies<
• Toe Nail Removal
• Minor Laceration Repair

What Patients Are Saying:
Meet the staff

Dr. Tania E. Velez is a board-certified allopathic Family Medicine physician located in Orlando, FL. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Orlando, Florida, she is in touch with her Latin heritage and American culture. Her lifelong dream has been medicine and helping others find more natural cures for their ailments. She also enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and martial arts.

Dr. Velez attended the University of Central Florida to fulfill her undergraduate degree; she then moved on to attend the University of South Florida – College of Medicine. She completed her residency requirements in family medicine at Florida Hospital Family Medicine Residency located in Orlando, FL. During medical school and her residency, she led and participated in several medical service projects including providing health education, medical care, and participating in public health initiatives in rural villages such as helping build latrines and aqueducts.

Although Dr. Velez is in the early stage of her medical career, her commitment to those less fortunate has already been evidenced by the medical mission work in which she has taken part. She enjoys the opportunity to help underprivileged individuals improve their health and overall way of life. To fulfill this passion, she has traveled to many countries, including the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Thailand, and Panama, and plans on continuing to be involved in such efforts. She has received a Diploma in International Medicine and Public Health from The Institute for International Medicine.

Dr. Velez believes in a holistic approach to healthcare. She also feels that the practice of medicine should be more than just the treatment of disease. She is a firm believer in that medical treatment should be the support of the person as a whole. Most medical schools, and thus most physicians, do not focus on the importance of teaching patients proper nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, naturopathic medicine, mind-body practices or relaxation. For this reason, Dr. Velez has attended a two-year Fellowship with University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Center. By participating in this fellowship, she has increased her knowledge in these fields and will be better prepared to educate and assist her patients on these aspects.

Integrative Medicine incorporates both conventional medicine and evidenced based alternative therapies to help prevent and treat disease. It is Dr. Velez’ vision that in the near future Velez Family Health will have transformed from a general Family Practice into an Integrative Family Medicine Center.

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Casandra Mazar is the first person that you will meet when you walk into our office. She will greet you with a smile and help you through the check in process. Casandra wears many hats in the office serving as receptionist, medical assistant and office manager. She received her degree as a Basic X-ray Machine Operator and medical assistant at Anthem College in Orlando Florida. She achieved the Academic Excellence Award and has earned many technical certifications since college, expanding her knowledge in the medical field.

Casandra loves to learn. That’s why in her spare time she can be seen reading, crafting and creating.  She loves to make new décor for the house or turn her latest Halloween idea into reality, normally using scraps.  She also has a passion for computer and tabletop role-playing games such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and Dungeons & Dragons. You will find her at the computer quite often. When she isn’t glued to her computer screen, either at work or at home, she is reading into how to continue her education and (although slowly) learning Spanish.

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Angel Collazo is native to Puerto Rico, but has been a resident of Florida for 17 years. He obtained an Associates Degree in Science for Medical Assisting at Southern Technical College. He has been involved in the health care field for the past 5 years and has obtained a great wealth of knowledge with prior experience in multiple specialties. Angel has a forte for phlebotomy and medical procedure injections. Angel has a caring and fun attitude. He exemplifies positivity in the workplace and is always smiling.